About Myron Royce Gardens

At the age of twelve, Michael Fessenden started working as a part-time gardener for his grandma. He eventually started studying and exploring different landscape ideas on his own. Michael started Myron Royce Gardens in 1995 growing and selling organic vegetables at the farmer’s market, but it wasn’t profitable. Several friends, including one of his grandparents’ friends said, “I always thought you would go into landscaping, you’re good at it.” He started wondering if he should switch to landscaping.

He later received a call from a lady who worked at the nursing home where his grandma volunteered. She asked if he could help her disabled husband paint their house. Michael said, “Yes.” While up on the ladder painting,

the man asked him what he knew about planting trees. After hearing Michael’s answer, he insisted Michael buy two trees and plant them for him.

It seemed as if God was answering his question, Yes, go into landscaping.

Michael’s approach to business has remained the same over the years telling his crew leaders:

· “Spend more time listening and asking questions about what the customer wants.”
· “Be dependable, don’t delay, get it done, and always do what you said you would do.”
· “Contracts are for remembering what you said you would do for the customer, but if there’s a problem, work it out and keep the customer happy.”
· “Take care of your customers, fix their problems quickly, and you’ll get more work.”

Our process:

It’s common for a customer to ask “So, how does this work?”  Below are the typical steps in developing and installing a new landscape or maintenance package:

    1. Simply call or email us (see our contact tab) to get started;
    2. We’ll ask you some questions to better understand your need;
    3. One of our crew leaders or designers will then schedule a meeting with you at your property to discuss your project;
    4. Sometimes the design process includes a tour of our Display Gardens.  This allows you to see many examples;
    5. of how plants, trees, shrubs, flowers, boulders, patios,  pathways and water features have been creatively combined;
    6. If you wish (when developing your design) you can select your own plants. Our 3-acre nursery and greenhouses contain a wide variety of trees (evergreen and flowering) shrubs, perennials, annuals and ground covers;
    7. If you approve the design and/or the estimate, a 10% deposit is all that is required to schedule your job.  Your balance will be due upon completion of the job.

Please contact us to learn more about your various choices:

    • Free estimates
    • Design services*
    • Consultation Services*

* fees apply

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